Spink: Generational diffferences
Spink: Generational diffferences
Added on 09 May 2017
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There might be generational differences in the kind of technology that we're given to support our information behaviours. Fifty years ago, most people didn’t have access to complex computer technology to support their information behaviours, but they still did have them. But they had to use more manual or non-technology ways of supporting them. But now industry has realized they can make money out of it. If you can come up with technologies that support people’s information behaviours, you can make money. And I think the search engines have gone so far, they’ve gone a certain way, but they don't know what the next step is. So they're saying, yes, we're able to support these behaviours. You use a search engine, you can search a certain amount of web. But any one search engine doesn't cover the whole web. And as long as you can enter some key words, we're going to give you some websites. But what's the next step beyond that? That's kind of limited, really. As I said, they don't support multitasking, they don't support a lot of complex behaviours that we know people engage in. But the problem is, how do you support those behaviours?

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