The MindMeld API: A Message from Our CEO
Added on 09 May 2017
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The MindMeld API is a new type of search and content discovery platform designed for the coming world of ubiquitous, keyboardless, connected devices. Listen to our CEO introduce this brand new developer platform:
The MindMeld API is the first developer platform and cloud service designed to power a new generation of intelligent applications that are driven by context not keywords. It used to be that, when we wanted information we would type a search into our laptop. Today, we might use dozens of different devices, some of which don't even have keyboards, and when we want information we are not necessarily sitting at our desk.
In this world, the search box is not longer enough. Instead, search needs to be powered by context not just keywords. So what does that mean. What is context? Context is all of the information that captures what you might care about at any point in time. It could be things that you have read or written, it could be things you have said or heard. It could be the places you have been or where you need to be, or any other signals that capture what you care about.
The good news is that, with the new generation of mobile devices, all of these contextual signals are measurable for the first time. And by piecing together all these digital breadcrumbs, it is possible to do a much better job finding information you need ...even before you have to type a search query
The MindMeld API is a new type of search and content discovery platform designed for this world. Just visit, and you can sign up and get started building applications for free.

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